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Nomadic Survival MMORPG Last Oasis Is Now Live On Steam Early Access

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Heads up Nomads! You might not be able to travel around right now in the real world, but you’ll definitely get to do a lot of it in Last Oasis as the game officially launches on Steam Early Access. In case you haven’t been in the loop, Donkey Crew’s new woodpunk survival MMORPG will force you to travel across barren deserts as you try to outrun the scorching heat of the post-apocalyptic sun.

“In Last Oasis the sun burns the land in the west, turning it to dust. In order to stay ahead of the obliterating sun, nomads must explore new territories that slowly emerge on the eastern horizon, where the Earth has long been frozen in impenetrable ice. The remnants of humanity also built a large waking city, Flotilla, now the Earth’s only civilisation. Nomads must gather resources, fight with warring clans and do whatever it takes to keep the city moving or it will be lost. Keep moving, the world is dying.”

“We are thrilled to be launching Last Oasis into Steam Early Access today,” says Creative Director and Project Lead Florian “chadz” Hofreither. “Despite facing uncertain times, our beta testers have been as invaluable these past few weeks as they have been throughout our entire closed beta phase, helping us improve and shape the game. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them and also encourage the same level of openness and involvement from new players, who we look forward to welcoming into our growing community.”

To celebrate the launch and as part of their #staythefuckhome campaign against the COVID-19 virus, Donkey Crew will be offering a week-long 17% discount on the game. The price tag goes back up to $29.99 next week.

There’s also a brand new launch trailer waiting for you below. Need more info? You can also check out our preview of the game here.

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