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Legends Of Runeterra To Remove Vault Rewards, XP, And Wildcard Purchase Limitations

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Riot Games will be rolling out a number of progression changes with an update coming later this month. The upcoming changes are based on player feedback and are aimed at speeding up overall gameplay by removing the limitations to Vault Rewards, XP, and the purchase of Wildcards.

“[. . .]We’re seeing lots of positive results overall from the progression system. However, some of the methods we chose to achieve certain goals—like ensuring the meta continues to evolve and supporting the different ways players invest their time & money—aren’t doing the job as well as we’d like. So we’re adding more agency to your progression: a Champion Wildcard each week from a Vault that can now level up infinitely, no daily XP cap, and unlimited direct purchase of any card, among other things.”

According to Riot, the update also aims to level the playing field between paying and non-paying players. “Our goal is to give you the ability to get what you want, how you want, in a game where players can compete regardless of how much they spend,” says the devs. “We think this set of changes will maximize your ability to experiment with different cards, ensure a faster and more reliable “time-to-deck”, and will keep things accessible for every LoR player.”

Head over to the Legends of Runeterra official site for more details. You can also check out an overview of the changes that rolled out with the last patch in the video after the jump.

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