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Chronicles of Elyria Canceled, Studio Fires All Staff

In a shocking development, it seems Chronicles of Elyria is no more. Caspian, the founder of Soulbound Studios, made an announcement titled: Chronicles of Elyria: Into the Abyss which starts by chronicling some of the progress the game had made over the years. It isn’t until towards the end of the post that we learn that the entire staff has been let go and that Soulbound Studios has run out of money.

Chronicle of Elyria was first revealed on November 16, 2015 and launched a Kickstarter campaign on May 03, 2016. The Kickstarter campaign proved to be a success, raising over $1,300,000. The game continued crowdfunding off Kickstarter over the years, with over $8,000,000 raised to date. Soulbound Studios, the company behind Chronicles of Elyria, put a great deal of emphasis on the lore and roleplaying aspects of the game. Community forums and outreach early in development led to the creation of multiple guilds led by ‘nobles’ who had pre-purchased in-game land within the game. Unfortunately, little in the way of gameplay was ever revealed to the public during the roughly 4 years of development.

The closest we got to seeing any gameplay for Chronicles of Elyria was a short obstacle course style demo released to Alpha testers this month.

The official post does leave the door open to some sort of future for Chronicles of Elyria, and the forums and discord servers will remain online for now. There was no mention of refunds or compensation for those who pre-purchased land and titles of nobility within Chronicles of Elyria.

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