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What is an email autoresponder and how to set one up?

What is an email autoresponder? An email autoresponder is a form of marketing automation software that automatically sends an already prepared email to contacts on your mailing list. The sending of the email is triggered when contacts fulfill certain predefined conditions that can either be characteristic (e.g. date of birth) or behavioral (e.g. contact fills […]


38 Experts Share Their Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019

Over the years, email marketing has evolved to be one of the most cost-efficient forms of digital marketing. However, learning the ins and outs of this marketing instrument is often harder than most marketers anticipate. Some things may work for one business, but end up being a total failure for another. The only way to really […]


What Is Audience Segmentation And Why Do You Need It?

In this article, we take a look at how audience segmentation works, why it is effective, and how to create your own segment. Additionally, we cover a few bulletproof segmentation strategies for your email list. Understanding the nuts and bolts of email marketing can often be a challenging task. How do you know if you […]

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[Sendinblue Webinar Replay] How to build your relationship marketing strategy

Did you miss out on the latest Sendinblue webinar? Not to worry, you can catch up by watching the full video replay below. On July 23 Candela S. Baixauli, Channel Marketing Manager at Sendinblue, hosted a webinar alongside Angie Meeker, Director of Customer Success at OptinMonster, on the topic of ‘How to build a relationship […]

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11 Email Marketing Examples that Inspired Us

You want to design an original and impactful marketing email but you’ve no idea where to begin. It’s ok, we know how hard it can be to design an email from scratch. That’s why in this article we’re showing you some of our favorite email marketing examples for your inspiration.    Email design trends are a […]


8 tips for creating a perfect email signature

Most people consider an email signature as something not worth thinking about. Whereas it can be used as a way to sell your product or inform your recipient about something, it can also cause your message to be labeled as spam. You should know several simple rules regarding email signatures if you want them to […]


10 Ways to build your own mailing list in B2B

Address databases in B2B and B2C differ quite a bit, just like the processes used to gather recipient data. This is a result of the very different customer needs in each sector and the completely different approaches to communication that they use. Don’t know how to build your own mailing list in B2B? We’re going to […]


Email marketing best practices

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for communicating your brand’s message. In their Email Marketing Census 2016, Adestra confirmed that email is once again positioned to generate large returns on investment, with 73% of those surveyed indicating that email marketing consistently delivers high or, at the very least, satisfactory ROI. To take full […]


10 Best Practices For Creating Email-Centric Landing Pages

Do you think  you can run your website without email marketing? If yes, then think again! Why? It’s because a website drives only the front-end sales, while 90% and more sales is achieved through emails and other means.    Why Email Marketing Is Considered Indispensable Email users are forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion worldwide […]


Why email list segmentation is a must

Imagine that it’s your job to announce a presentation on a particular subject, like how to to take care of your complexion. When the day comes, you peek out from behind the stage and see a huge crowd of men and women of various ages. Some of them obviously take care of their faces, while […]